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EDI, Vision and Mission Statements

EDI Statement (Equity, Diversity and Inclusion)

Peace Arch Hospice Society is a caring and compassionate organization that supports people at the end of their life and supports all of those in our community experiencing grief.  Peace Arch Hospice Society is committed to ensuring our programs and services are accessible to all and inclusive of diverse backgrounds, beliefs, and experiences.  We will, with humility, continue to learn from our community and evolve our services to meet its needs.

Vision Statement

A caring community supporting people through grief and end-of-life.

Mission Statement

Peace Arch Hospice Society is dedicated to supporting everyone facing grief, and the end-of-life journey, or experiencing the loss of a person.

As an inclusive caring, and compassionate organization, we do this through our:

  • Free of charge counselling, grief and end of life support services
  • Community outreach to help educate the community on grieving, dying and end-of-life care
  • Work with health care professionals and partner organizations to improve palliative and grief supports
  • Retail thrift store business to support funding for our organization

Through the work of our registered counselling professionals, our staff, volunteers, and donors we provide a critical care and support services for our South Surrey/White Rock community.


Services & Resources

Living With Advanced Illness

A person with advanced illness may hurt physically, emotionally and spiritually. Our Hospice Society provides much-needed support and resources to caregivers, individuals and their families, including professional counseling, vigil services, and relaxation therapy. Read more

Relaxation Sessions

How we feel physically can be influenced by our mind. Hospice Society trained volunteers are knowledgeable in relaxation techniques and the effects of emotional stress due to advanced illness and grief. Experience our safe, caring and open atmosphere. Read more

End of Life Care

This is a time for individuals and caregivers to give acceptance, support and comfort. Though there are commons signs and symptoms marking the end of one’s life, each person’s experience is unique. Our Hospice Society is here to help with practical advice and comfort concerns. Read more


No one should ever feel alone dealing with loss, uncertainty, life changes or complex decisions associated with an advanced illness. Our Hospice Society offers a safe place to express emotions. Our registered clinical counsellors and trained volunteers are here for you. Read more

Where to Find Us

Title Address Description
Peace Arch Hospice Society
15435 16a Ave, Surrey, BC V4A 1T2, Canada

Supportive Care Centre
15435 16a Ave Surrey, BC V4A 1T2
Tel. 604-531-7484  Open Monday through Friday 9am - 4pm
Email: contactus@pahospicesociety.org

Peace Arch Hospice Society Thrift Store
15562 24 Ave #2a, Surrey, BC V4A 2J5, Canada

15562 24th Avenue Surrey, BC V4A 2J5
Tel: 604-538-7600
Email: thriftstore@pahospicesociety.org

Store Hours
Mon. – Sat. 10am – 4pm
Closed Sundays & Statutory Holidays

Peace Arch Hospice Society

15435 - 16A Avenue, South Surrey
British Columbia, Canada V4A 1T2
Tel. 604-531-7484

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