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Living with Advanced Illness

When Daily Life Becomes a Struggle

If you or someone you love is faced with a terminal diagnosis or advanced illness, turning to hospice services for help is one of the best choices you can make. Experiencing significant and unexpected changes in physical and emotional health are to be expected. For caregivers, seeing a family member or friend cope with the onset of debilitating health conditions and uncertainty about the future presents many challenges.

When daily life becomes a struggle, hospice staff and volunteers are there to offer a special kind of caring when families need it most. Hospice programs and services do not focus on finding cures. They are designed to provide quality of life and comfort to those facing death, and emotional support to caregivers.

Individuals with advanced illness may hurt physically, emotionally and spiritually. They may also fear not recovering, losing independence, becoming a burden, or being abandoned by family, friends and professional caregivers. Grieving is also very common and can take many forms, such as grieving the loss of health, the loss of roles in the family, work or community, and the loss of future plans.

How to Provide Caregiver Support

Many of us find ourselves in the role of caregiver with very little experience or preparation. Knowing what your loved one needs to be calm, relaxed and comfortable are most important:

  • Actively listen and support the expression of thoughts and feelings (understand each person’s response is unique)
  • If possible, offer practical support – shopping, or meal preparation, etc., or seek out others that can offer such support
  • Remember, it is alright to ask for help and take time for yourself

Understanding the Needs of those Living with Advanced Illness

  • Time to reflect and adjust to changes
  • A greater need for balance, rest and activity
  • Encouragement to focus on ordinary activities and/or to feel “normal”
  • Looking to others to understand the limits that illness causes
  • Seeking someone to listen

Hospice Society Services for those with Advanced Illness and their Families

  • Professional counselling for individuals and their families
  • Relaxation sessions to manage stress and increase comfort
  • Vigil support for those near life’s end who do not wish to be alone
  • Information or referral to other community services
  • A lending library of books and videos
  • Specially trained Hospice Society volunteers who may visit or offer respite

Where to Find Us

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